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It can be hard being a parent. There are amazing highs but during the lows it can feel like you’re out of options and you don’t know what to do to get your son or daughter on the right track. There’s heaps of obstacles and you can feel alone.

During this pandemic, supporting your child with their learning at home can feel like a mountain. What’s an ionic bond? What’s the transpiration stream? How do you multiply fractions? What’s a growth mindset?

Whilst working full-time, working from home, or juggling being a mum and ensuring your kid is learning, it can all be a struggle.

That’s where Years Of Enchantment are here to help. As a teacher I’ve seen many of challenges that kids face. I’ve seen kids struggle and then go on to thrive. Although I am not a Counsellor, I can listen to your questions and share my thoughts. If you feel like you need this support please get in touch by emailing: and we can arrange a plan.