Gross facts for kids
by Hannah | 11:24 am

Do You Dare To Read Some Gross Facts For Kids?!

As a teacher and a parent I know that kids love reading about crazy facts. Even better if they are gross facts for kids! I managed to find ideas for these facts from an

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Amazing facts about the world for kids
by Hannah | 6:18 am

Some amazing facts about the world for kids

I love researching cool, new facts and sharing the craziest ones with those around me. As a Science teacher, facts about the world fascinate me. I find that when I share some of the

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Unbelievable facts for kids
by Hannah | 12:04 am

Unbelievable facts for kids- check these out!

We all know kids love hearing about something strange and new. It’s even better if something is so shocking it gets them excited and engaged so that they want to learn more and share

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Fun science poems for kids
by Hannah | 10:43 am

Science poems for kids, that are written by kids!

We all know that kids love rhythm and rhymes. This gives extra fun to their learning and gets them excited and engaged. As a Science teacher I have a few tricks up my sleeve

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Fun science facts for kids
by Hannah | 5:13 am

Fun Science facts for kids

As a Science teacher I’ve obviously come across lots of weird and wonderful science facts over the years. In my lessons, children are so much more engaged and excited about their learning when I

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Weird animal facts for kids
by Hannah | 10:55 am

Weird animal facts for kids that will blow your mind!

Being a Biology teacher I obviously LOVE animals. I love everything about zoology (the study of animals) and I enjoy reading about it every day. I am obsessed with passing on my passion for

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