Why We Need to Talk About the Benefits of Learning From Mistakes in Children

Learning from mistakes

I have been a High School teacher for many years now and in that time I have seen and experienced many mistakes, including my own. I see that a big part of my job is helping children realise the benefits of learning from mistakes. When children really get this, they become highly resilient and go … Read more

What I Say About How To Choose A Private School For Your Child

Choosing a Private School for your Child

It goes without saying that if you are ready to help the love of your life receive a better education than that available at a public school, you want to know that your little beauty will receive the best learning experience for which you are paying. This article describes some features that you should look … Read more

Why Reading this ’10 THINGS GIRLS NEED MOST’ Book Review Will Rock Your World

10 Things Girls Need Most

When first opening this book I was gripped, and I don’t say that lightly. As a mother of a young girl and a high school teacher, where I see many girls feeling head on the challenges that today’s world provides, I was hooked from the first page of ’10 Things That Girls Need Most’. Let … Read more

What Everyone Is Saying About Grandparents Helping Raise Grandchildren

What Everyone Is Saying About Grandparents Helping Raise Grandchildren

As a parent to a toddler I see the importance of grandparents helping raise grandchildren every day. Unfortunately, my parents live far away- thousands of miles away from Australia in the United Kingdom. This obviously brings challenges, which many parents can take for granted when they have their parents living just down the road. So … Read more

10 Things Marge Simpson Would Say About Teaching Responsibility To Teenagers

Teaching responsibility to teenagers

As a secondary high school teacher, alongside parents and other carers, I play an important role in teaching responsibility to teenagers. Marge would say that developing responsibility comes more easily to some teens than others. With raising Lisa and Bart she knows the importance of instilling responsibility and she also feels the challenges. After many … Read more

Darth Vader’s Guide To Supporting Children With Autism

Supporting children with Autism

As a teacher I work with autistic students every day. I see the struggles that these children and their families face so I want to share some thoughts and insights on supporting children with autism. This article has been written with a Clinical Psychologist (as well as Darth Vader) to ensure that accurate information is … Read more