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Hello fellow internet surfer and thank you for passing by my site. It’s a huge pleasure to have you here and I hope you find things to warm your heart and imagination. I hope my passion for children’s learning rubs off on you and we can enjoy exploring the power of education together 🙂

Power of learning
The Power of Learning- My Story


I am a teacher, an explorer and wanderluster. My story began many moons ago when I arrived back from a backpacking trip with my sister around Southeast Asia. I’d finished my Psychology degree the year before and during my trip my eyes were opened. I knew when I arrived back to a cold and wet Manchester in the United Kingdom that I wanted to help others learn.

Learning from mistakes
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I had trouble finding a job at first. No graduate programs would have me. The psychometric testing often got me and I found it hard to get interviews. The UK was desperate for new teachers at the time because the challenges that came with the role meant teachers were leaving schools in droves. I found there were still places at Goldsmiths Teaching College in London. Just 2 weeks before the post-graduate course was due to start I applied and was swiftly asked for an interview. A week later I was sat in the lecture theatre with lots of other eager post-grads and my world had changed.

I’ve been teaching for over 10 years now and in that time I have always been inspired by the power of learning. I’ve taught in a wide range of schools- from a comprehensive inner-city London school, a private international school in Tokyo and a rural private College in Australia. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to combine my love of exploring new places with my love for education and learning.

Ways to enhance reading skills- a few tips
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I remember as a teenager reading my favourite books, where I’d get transported to another world that I didn’t want to leave. I remember the delight at opening up a book as a present. As a child I could get absorbed in a book for hours, through it I’d explore how the world works through a fantasy. It’s a magical feeling when you’re so excited about the story within a book you can’t put it down, despite the loud calls from your mother that your dinner is on the table, getting cold waiting for you!

I am now a mother to a beautiful little girl. She is only 2 years old but has gained a fascination with opening books. Although she is too young to read her eyes sparkle when she turns the page to see another page bursting with colours and her favourite things. She squeals with delight when the next page’s surprises are revealed.

Why I Want to Help Children develop a Love of Learning

As a teacher I’ve seen the effects of poor literacy. In our technological age I see firsthand that many students struggle with reading. All too often, from an early age children are given an iPad to watch YouTube, Netflix or play games. It is vital that children are given a range of exciting learning opportunities during their early stages of brain development. This sets them up for a world of opportunity, providing children with the necessary skills, imagination and foresight to seize opportunities, and take on and succeed at challenges in tomorrow’s world.

The Power of Reading

Questions to ask when choosing daycare
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I believe books are key to helping children unlock their potential. Books allow children to escape into their own imagination and return to the world with new thoughts and inspired ideas. It’s such a shame that, from my perspective as a teacher, reading amongst children is in decline. I see falling literacy scores and schools trying to salvage solutions. Schools and families could do a lot more in forming partnerships together to develop a love of reading in children to help raise literacy abilities. I too often see schools implementing literacy strategies in isolation, ignoring the vital roles that families also play in developing reading in children.

I also see that mental health amongst children is on the rise. There are many facets to this issue and I by no means advocate that a love of reading will fix all these problems. However, a variety of escape mechanisms and interests I believe is key to a balanced and healthy mind. A love of reading and becoming absorbed in the fantasy in a book is one escape mechanism, and a healthy focus away from the latest ‘perfect’ fad on Instagram or other social media channels.

I want to inspire a movement, bring children back, and celebrate together the beauty of the written word. I hope that you will join me!

Developing a love of learning
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The principal goal of this website is to inspire a love of learning in children. The adults that surround our future generation are in the best position to enable this goal to be reached. Hence, the purpose of this site is for me to help you, by sharing the many amazing ideas and resources that I’ve found to be great in inspiring a love of learning in children.

I hope that you’re keen to join me in the movement of re-igniting a love of learning and reading amongst children. Let’s say goodbye to the YouTube zombies and hello to an inspired, creative and happy future generation 🙂

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Hannah Kobayashi


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  1. Couldn’t agree more with you Hannah. I shared that passion of reading as a child and I too would spend hours reading in my bedroom or in the garden. I completely agree with your observations between child and adolescent mental health problems and the loss of time to ‘switch off’ from the many influences on social media. When we were kids, you left school and didn’t think about peer pressure or any of that stuff until he next day, now it’s a 24/7 bombardment on our young people. Reading is a great escapism away from that. Count me in!!

    • Thanks, Hannah! It’s great to read your comment and I’m so pleased you’re on board too. Reading opens up a world of wonder and is total escapism when you find a fabulous book!

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