Why We Need to Talk About the Benefits of Learning From Mistakes in Children

Learning from mistakes

I have been a High School teacher for many years now and in that time I have seen and experienced many mistakes, including my own. I see that a big part of my job is helping children realise the benefits of learning from mistakes. When children really get this, they become highly resilient and go … Read more

What I Say About How To Choose A Private School For Your Child

Choosing a Private School for your Child

It goes without saying that if you are ready to help the love of your life receive a better education than that available at a public school, you want to know that your little beauty will receive the best learning experience for which you are paying. This article describes some features that you should look … Read more

Why Reading this ’10 THINGS GIRLS NEED MOST’ Book Review Will Rock Your World

10 Things Girls Need Most

When first opening this book I was gripped, and I don’t say that lightly. As a mother of a young girl and a high school teacher, where I see many girls feeling head on the challenges that today’s world provides, I was hooked from the first page of ’10 Things That Girls Need Most’. Let … Read more