What Everyone Is Saying About Grandparents Helping Raise Grandchildren
by Hannah | 9:08 am

What Everyone Is Saying About Grandparents Helping Raise Grandchildren

As a parent to a toddler I see the importance of grandparents helping raise grandchildren every day. Unfortunately, my parents live far away- thousands of miles away from Australia in the United Kingdom. This

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Teaching responsibility to teenagers
by Hannah | 3:44 am

10 Things Marge Simpson Would Say About Teaching Responsibility To Teenagers

As a secondary high school teacher, alongside parents and other carers, I play an important role in teaching responsibility to teenagers. Marge would say that developing responsibility comes more easily to some teens than

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Supporting children with Autism
by Hannah | 9:42 am

Darth Vader’s Guide To Supporting Children With Autism

As a teacher I work with autistic students every day. I see the struggles that these children and their families face so I want to share some thoughts and insights on supporting children with

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Gross facts for kids
by Hannah | 11:24 am

Do You Dare To Read Some Gross Facts For Kids?!

As a teacher and a parent I know that kids love reading about crazy facts. Even better if they are gross facts for kids! I managed to find ideas for these facts from an

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Signs of depression in teenage girls
by Hannah | 8:20 am

Signs of Depression in Teenage Girls

This article was written with the help of a Clinical Psychologist to ensure accurate information in understanding the signs of depression in teenage girls.   Certain changes occur naturally as a child transitions from

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Questions to ask when choosing daycare
by Hannah | 6:20 am

22 Great Questions To Ask When Choosing Daycare

Choosing a day care centre for your child is a big decision, but by turning up to your visits prepared with a list of all important questions, you may find the choice a little

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Supporting children with autism
by Hannah | 11:08 pm

10 Thoughts On How To Get a Toddler To Sleep Through The Night

We all know it, that dreaded feeling of the 2am wake up call that leaves you fearful to go to sleep every night. Getting a toddler to sleep through the night can be frustrating,

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Parenting advice for teenagers
by Hannah | 8:42 am

Some Parenting Advice for Teenagers – The Turbulent Years

Adolescence is an exciting phase of life but it can be filled with many challenges so I thought it could be useful to share some parenting advice for teenagers. During adolescence our bodies undergo

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Parenting advice for toddlers
by Hannah | 1:42 am

Some Parenting Advice for Toddlers

Getting ready for the arrival of a baby does not translate to being prepared to raise the child so I thought I would share some parenting advice for toddlers to help you through the

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Building confidence in teenage girls
by Hannah | 2:55 am

Advice on Building Confidence in Teenage Girls

Teenage girls can often be shy and it can be hard to know what to do to help them. This article provides advice on building confidence in teenage girls because there are so many

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